Finalized paintings

Slaughter House Oil on Plexi 4'Wx4'H

Roof Detail

"Overview" Oil on Canvas 65"Wx8.5"H

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Crystal Springs

Morris Farm

Sparrow Farm



I was very pleased with my opening on September 10th. After a lot of hard work of framing, hanging and organizing, I was able to spend some quality time with family and friends. There was a great turn out which was greatly appreciated. Here are a few photos of the actual even and the space that I displayed my work.

Artist Statement

Me and and the Fishbowl

Crystal Springs wall

Sparrow Farm wall

Karen Sparrow and I from Sparrow Farm


My parents outside looking in

Progress III

After my Pecha Kucha I have transitioned into the final stages of the project. I have moved on to finishing up a few paintings such as the  panorama, slaughter house, silo, and an abstract. I also will continue to finish my set of architectural drawings of both the slaughter house and silo. Furthermore, I am beginning to get all the paintings and photographs ready for show in September.

Finished Sparrow Shed Oil on canvas 5'Wx6'H

Sparrow Shed Plan, Elevations, and Axonometric

In Progress Sparrow Panorama

In Progress Silo

In Progress Slaughter House

In Progress canvas abstract

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha

On Monday the 26th I partook in a Pecha Kucha to the board in which I received my grant. For Those unaware of the contents of a Pecha Kucha, it is a type of presentation typically used in the design/creative fields. It is arranged in a 20 seconds/20 slides format. Presenters have 20 seconds to describe each slide, ultimately making for a concise and focussed presentation.

Progress II

Bee Hive Abstraction Oil on canvas 4"Wx8"H

Sparrow Farm panorama in progress

Slaughter House in progress

Another aspect of my project that I will include in my final exhibition are portraits of the farmers from Sparrow Farm and Crystal Springs Farm. These are the two farms that I am focusing the majority of my project on. Each farmer has been helpful in regards to farm history and functions. I think it is important to be able to put the face of the farmer(s) with their respective farms.

Karren Sparrow Sparrow Farm

Ted Sparrow Sparrow Farm

Seth Kroeck Crystal Springs Farm