Week Two

Chase's Daily looking towards the entrance

As I traveled through Belfast, I decided to stop by Chase’s Daily located on main street. Chase’s is a bakery, cafe, and farm stand all in one. As I walked in I first encountered the cafe where people were enjoying good food and conversation. As I moved to the back, there was a whole sections of produce from their own local Chase’s farm. The high ceilings, and openness allowed for the bakery, cafe, and  produce section to come together making

Gideon Bok's wall drawing of interior

a great cohesive atmosphere. I also couldn’t help but admire the great wall drawing and other works of art by Maine artist Gideon Bok. Chase’s Daily was very inspirational for me as it connects the importance of community and local produce with art. Gideon captures the quality of space and atmosphere through his wall drawing of the multifunction interior.

Slaughter House 5"Wx9"H

Upon my return from Belfast I began the initial painting stages of my project. I first traveled to Crystal Springs farm in Brunswick where I did my first watercolor sketches of first the entire farm and land to capture the many functions and structures. Later I painted a detail of the slaughter-house capturing the way it relates to the surrounding landscape. All of my watercolor sketches this far have consisted of quick 1-2 hour paintings as I am just analyzing the forms, shapes, structures, and land of the farms.

Crystal Springs 11"Wx5"H

One thought on “Week Two

  1. Ev,

    Nice job! In today’s blog you might want to change the spelling of the word “respected” to “respective”.

    Love you.


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